Cute Pit Bulls We Can't Get Enough Of

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month and although this breed is often misjudged as being mean and tough, we're here to tell you that they can be just as lovable and cuddly as any other breed out there. Case in point, take a look at these adorable Pits! Now who wouldn't want to snuggle up with one of these guys?

Celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Month

two pit bulls in sweaters
Sookie and Ivy

Sookie and Ivy of @sookpit cozy up and show off their new sweaters just in time for the cold weather. 

two pit bulls snuggled up on sofa
Maximus and Mia

Don't Maximus and Mia make you want to curl up on the sofa with them? Check out more cute photos of the adorable pair at

pit bull puppy

What is cuter than photos of Pit Bulls? A picture of a Pit Bull puppy. Maddox, you can come snuggle with us anytime. See more of @maddoxthepitbull and his friends @pitbullsofinstagram.

pit bull dressed up as a doctor

Dr. Pit (aka Bently) will see you now for your checkup. If our doctor looked this cute, we would never be afraid of shots. More of Bently can be seen at

pit bull with tongue out

What is Brody thinking here? "Give me a snack please!" "I'm so happy you're home!" "Please, can I have that ball?" You decide, but we think whatever he's doing is super cute. You can follow more of Brody's adventures @brodyhippo on Instagram

pit bull in tiara and tutu

Pretty in pink, princess Stella is shown here celebrating her adoptaversary. You can find more of Stella at @thepittiebunch on Instagram

two dogs in a tub wearing shower caps
Spike and Diego

Rub-a-dub-dub! Spike and Diego are ready for their bath, shower caps and all. See more of them and their friends @pitbullsofinstagram.

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