Cute Video: Golden Retriever Trust-Falls Into Giant Teddy Bear's Arms

Watson the Golden Retriever has a signature move: the trust fall.

Clearly a very trusting guy, Watson’s willing to fall backward into his owner’s arms — or his giant teddy bear’s — on command. Watson’s owners have shared videos of his impressive trick (as well as some adorable photos of him) on Instagram.

“This is the best trick ever. He just falls into your arms,” the caption reads on one of the videos of Watson. His latest video, with his teddy bear named Bear, has been viewed more than 315,000 times in a week.

Watson, we’d be happy to catch you anytime! Until then, we'll be watching for your next stunt.

Trust fall into bears arms. The name of my bear is bear. #watkivideos #trustfallwatson

A video posted by Watson The Golden ( on

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