Cutest Baby Goat Videos

Johnnie Copies Hopping Human

Hop to it! Johnnie the pygmy goat watches his human friend hop across the kitchen. After a few seconds, he catches on to what she wants him to do and totally one-ups her hopping skills with his awesome moves.

Baby Goat Really Wants His Mom to Play

Like many human kids, this furry kid wants some attention from Mom right this very second, and Mom is not having it.

Prospect Feels Good

We recommend playing this every morning when you first wake up (or just in general when you’re feeling blue). Prospect will lift your spirits.

Penny Lane Does Yoga With Human Mom

We’ve heard of doga (dog yoga), and we’ve seen cats join in on sun salutations, but this is a new one. Namaste.

A video posted by Penny Lane (@penny_thegoat) on

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