Dogs Model This Fall's 13 Hottest Trends

After a sweltering season of Pokémon-chasing, political debating, ‘Stranger Things’-ruminating and stargazing in strapless tops, we’re ready to give summer the cold shoulder and warmly embrace fashion’s favorite season: fall.As fashion editors, street-style stars and other tastemakers sit pretty at New York Fashion Week, we’re giving you a front-row seat to a quite different runway — some of the most sartorially savvy pups on Instagram, who happen to be wearing 13 of the most fetching trends of the season. Let these famous pooches inspire your own seasonal style.

Instagram-Famous Dogs Model 13 Fall Trends

dog in bomber jacket

The first crisp evenings of autumn call for lightweight jackets, so you’ll want to add a bomber to your closet’s ranks. Whether metallic, ornately patterned or in more subtle hues like olive, this zipped-up style clocked some serious airtime on fall runways. Samson, the star Goldendoodle, prefers burnt sienna, popping his collar for panache. To unleash the look: Drape your bomber jacket off your shoulders, and your pic may land on a street-style blog.

pug in shearling coat
Shear(ling) Madness

Another standout in the outerwear department? Aviator-style shearling jackets. Play it safe with a classic, cropped style or soar to new altitudes with a voluminous, nearly cocoon -shaped shearling number. New York City Pug-about-town Lulu knows that when it comes to collar size, the bigger the better this fall. To unleash the look: Stand out among the herd by cozying up to an unexpected color like navy, paired with a pleated midi-skirt.

dog in suede slippers
A Soft Spot for Velvet

This season, we have more than a crush; we’re in a committed relationship with velvet. Impossibly chic — and impossible not to touch — this luxe fabric appeared in blazers, drapey gowns and pants aplenty. If there’s a fabric of fall, velvet is it. Toast, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue, keeps high fashion afoot in her blue-velvet loafers. To unleash the look: Give velvet pumps a so-geeky-it’s-glam twist with a pair of ribbed-knit ankle socks

three dogs in fur coats
For the Love of Faux Fur

Fur (hopefully of the faux variety!) will be flying this season, as fashionistas look to outdo each other in the fluff department. The details on this trend aren’t fuzzy:  Of-the-moment coats are wildly patterned, in unexpectedly bold hues (cotton-candy pink, anyone?). These canine cuties are #squadgoals decked out in fall’s furriest finery. To unleash the look: Beat Mother Nature to the punch with an artfully draped stole or be the first of your friends to carry a furse

dog in shirt and ascot
Going Long

As we wave goodbye to summer, sacrifice your right to “bare arms” and cover them down past your fingertips in of-the-moment bell-sleeved tops. Supersized sleeves in sweatshirt material, satin and every fabric in between were designer darlings. Though they’re certainly statement-making, these tops beg the question: How does one check the time, type, let alone eat? To unleash the look: Take a pointer from Prince, a Labradoodle, and keep the trend at arm’s length by unbuttoning the sleeves on a button-up already in your closet to create a similar effect. 

dog wearing menswear
The Jungle Book

Leopard is the new neutral. Long a staple among the most stylish set, the print was spotted on nearly every runway, in trench coats, one-shoulder cocktail dresses, mid-length fur numbers and accessories galore. To unleash the look: Like Menswear Dog, a Shiba Inu, take a leap in leopard’s versatility and mix it with stripes, florals or plaids — this pretty kitty plays well with others.

dog in sportswear
Staying Sporty

Who says you have to suffer for fashion? The logo sweats, hoodies and boxy sweatpants jockeying for attention on runways looked – dare we say? – downright comfortable. Rosenberg, an Aussiedoodle, is #winning in his classic Adidas tracksuit. To unleash the look: Sweat the details and pair an athletic-inspired top with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt to score points in the style department.

dog in cape
Visiting Cape Town

When there’s just a hint of chill in the air, it’s time for capes, the superheroes of transitional dressing, to swoop in. Whether understated in ladylike camel or attention-grabbing in floor-grazing adornment, today’s capes and capelets are ideal for autumn evenings. Wrigley, a Great Dane, stands shoulders above the rest in his leather-trimmed topper. To unleash the look: Proper proportions save the day when choosing what to pair with a cape. Offset your voluminous top with black ankle-zip leggings, a slinky sheath or streamlined skirt. Feeling chic now? It’s no wonder, woman.

dog in denim vest
A Case of the Blues

Following seasons of skinnies, today’s blue jeans are broadening their horizons. Depending on your body type, the occasion and your level of daring, you’ll find your ideal denim in wide-legged, patchwork, embroidered or flared styles. Chief, a long-haired Dachshund, opts for a jacket instead of jeans – and who can blame him? The Internet could never quite settle on how dogs should wear pants. To unleash the look: Those who really want in on the fashion fray will opt for a raw-hemmed pair. Reconstruct the trend without dropping a dime by taking a pair of scissors to denim you already own. Put the cash you saved toward a killer pair of heels that your newly shortened hemlines will highlight.

dog in puffer jacket
Be a Powerpuff Girl

When fall turns its head toward winter, stay warm sipping pumpkin spice lattes in a puffer jacket, the much more stylish sister of the sleeping bag. Traditionalists like Ella Bean, a puppy mill rescue, will be on-trend in a classic cut jacket with gold hardware, while those a bit more adventurous may prefer a floor-length version with patent-leather trim. To unleash the look: Push the puffer envelope by layering yours over your fanciest evening wear

dog with shiny gold boots
Taking a Shine to It

Lovers of all things sparkly will be smitten by fall’s gold lamé, sequins, pearls and crystals. Bedecking boots, heels, micro bags, tops, jackets and everything in between, these glittering goodies were the gems of the runway. Bleecker, a French Bulldog, looks like he treasures these gold above-the-ankle booties. To unleash the look: In seasons past, you may have been cautioned to play it safe with the rest of your ensemble once a bling-y piece made its way to the party, but now fashion editors say the more bedazzled the better. All that glitters is gold, after all. 

dog with bedazzled choker
All Choked Up

The only reason to feel bad about your neck is if you haven’t adorned it. This season, length matters, so relegate your longer pendants to the back of your jewelry box in favor of a choker. Wrap up your fall ensembles with a dainty black ribbon tied in a bow, a silk scarf knotted flight-attendant style or go for the glitter with gemstones. Bruno, an Italian Greyhound, sets his sights on understated elegance in a rhinestone choker. To unleash the look: Statement-making chokers that stretch from chin to collarbone will put the exclamation points on your outfits. Who needs wrinkle cream when you’ve got that kind of coverage lined up? 

dog wearing pearls
Head-in-the-Cloud Heels

The upside to fall’s over-the-top platforms and stacked heels? They’re leg-lengthening. The downside (and potentially falling-down side)? They may boost the risk of vertigo in those brave enough to wear them. Reminiscent of the glam-rock platforms beloved by David Bowie, these towering beauties will take some getting used to, so take them for a test-spin around your apartment to avoid tumbling under pressure in public. Gusto McDaña, a Schnauzer, plays it safe by simply posing in his platform pumps. To unleash the look: No style upgrade needed. You’ve already achieved rock-star status if you’re teetering with this trend.

Of course, if you're thinking of decking out your dog in the latest styles, make sure your pooch stays safe and comfortable.

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