Experts Cast Their Votes: Class of 2014 Canine Yearbook Awards

All across the country, high school seniors are decorating caps, practicing speeches and planning graduation parties. And, of course, with the end of school come the perennial senior superlatives. Who will win Best Smile? Who is Most Likely to Become President? Only time — and the class yearbook, of course — will tell.

It got us thinking about how that process would go in a high school made up entirely of dog breeds. Is there a breed that's clearly Most Dramatic or Most Likely to Succeed?

We polled 267 veterinary professionals (including veterinarians, vet techs and office managers) to see which breeds would win the most votes in various categories. Think you know which breed is Most Athletic or Biggest Flirt? See if your answers match the pros'.

Your 2014 Canine Class Superlatives

Golden Retriever on bed

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

Biggest Flirt: Golden Retriever

No matter where you see him, this playful pup is never alone — and that’s exactly the way he likes it. He’s all about family, friends and having a fabulous time. Dog lovers everywhere find him irresistible, and he couldn't be happier about it.

It's not surprising the Golden Retriever took home this honor. The sweet, gentle people-pleaser makes friends with almost everyone he meets.

Runner-up: Labrador Retriever

Basset Hound looking up at camera

David Jensen, Animal Photography

Biggest Drama Queen: Basset Hound

Every time this drama hound heads to the vet or the groomer, she temporarily loses her mind. Just try cutting those long nails — you'd think her life was over.

It's not just her melodious howl that gives the Basset Hound this reputation, it's also that she can pine and mourn like no other if banished to the backyard for even a few moments.

Runner-up: Chihuahua

Border Collie with ball

Anna Pozzi, Animal Photography

Most Athletic: Border Collie

From endless games of fetch to killing it on the agility course or even just playing with friends, this breed tends to be as athletic as they come. Almost everything he does says, “Come on, let’s go!”

The Border Collie was a clear choice for this award, and it shows with his proficiency in events like flydog and herding trials.

Runner-up: Australian Shepherd

Two German Shepherds outside

Ron Willbie, Animal Photography

Most Likely to Take Over the World: German Shepherd

This is one calm, cool and confident dog. Not easily cowed or ruffled, this pup says “top dog” just by walking into a room.

The German Shepherd is so intelligent and adaptable that given the gift of opposable thumbs, we're sure she'd be nearly unstoppable.

Runner-up: Great Dane

Labrador Retriever puppy

Tara Gregg, Animal Photography

Most Likely to Eat His Pencil: Labrador Retriever

This breed loves to explore the world with his mouth. He’ll chew whatever’s handy, regardless of whether it’s edible.

Anyone who's lived with a Lab — especially a puppy — is sure to agree with this choice. From shoes to mail to the occasional armchair, Labs have chewed it right up.

Runner-up: Beagle

Basset Hound in grass

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

Most Likely to Sleep Through Class: Basset Hound

It’s not that she doesn’t care about learning that new trick; she just thinks it’s more important to be comfortable. She’s not “zoned out”; she’s just pacing herself.

Basset Hounds are infamous for having selective hearing and the ability to remain deeply asleep when called, making them perfect for this category.

Runner-up: Bulldog

Two Beagles

Sam Clark, Animal Photography

Class Loudmouth: Beagle

He’s loud and proud and never at a loss for woofs. This town crier has something to say about everything, and he thinks everyone wants to hear it.

His fans consider his voice musical, although his fans' neighbors might disagree. The Beagle will sing along to sirens, narrate or "give tongue" while hunting, and bark at strangers who approach his door, and his propensity for baying is well-documented. "Loudmouth" is rather apt for him, we'd say — of course, we'd say so with love.

Runner-up: Husky

Border Collie by water

Anna Pozzi, Animal Photography

Most Intelligent: Border Collie

She’s been called a brainiac, but she’s just being herself. This breed often thrives on learning anything and everything. Careful — she’s even been known to outsmart a human or two!

The Border Collie's intelligence is world-renowned, and one made headlines not long ago for learning (and understanding) more than 1,000 words. Wonder how she'd score on the SAT.

Runner-up: Poodle

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