For the Love of Labs: Readers Share 14 Photos

They’re friendly, fun and a little bit goofy — and they’ve have been the most popular dog breed in the U.S. for 25 consecutive years. You guessed it: We're talking about Labrador Retrievers!

Everyone loves a Lab, so we asked our readers to send in their best photos of their sweet pals, and got them doing what Labs do best: swimming, smiling and snuggling.

Check them out in the gallery below, and share your own photos and stories about a Lab in your life in the comments.

Labs Being Labs

Black Lab puppy Jazz

Jannet Shronk via Facebook

Jazz, here at 8 weeks old, is super friendly and loves to play with her family's 4.5-year-old mixed-breed dog. Her owner says she already knows the commands "sit" and "come." But, like many Labs, she's known to scarf down her food and loves to gnaw on shoes and slippers.

Chocolate Lab with watering cat

Beth Grotelueschen via Facebook

Rosie Grace, who's now 3 years old, was named by her family's two girls. The pair couldn't decide on a name, so she got two. Her owner says she's a big goofball, but also loves to have a job — like carrying the watering can! The chocolate Lab has been a great mentor to the dogs her family fosters.

two yellow Labs

Blake Mules Kohn via Facebook

Jersey Girl (left) and Finley (right) are inseparable best friends. "They don't go anywhere without one another and often are found sharing one dog bed when they each have their own," says their owner. "The beauty of their relationship is that Jersey has taught Finley all of her good habits, while Finley keeps Jersey young with her mischief and playful energy. It is the perfect sisterhood!"

Three yellow Labs

Kendra Stice via Facebook

Look at this terrific trio! Little Red is going to be 4 years old this summer, and she loves to give kisses. Angel is going to be 7 years old, and she loves spending time playing in the water and playing ball. Maggie is also going to be 4 soon. She enjoys going on runs and playing ball with her mom and sister.

Rex the black Lab wearing a tie

Amy Comeau via Facebook

Four-year-old Rex was rescued from Louisiana and now lives in Massachusetts. "He's crazy and thinks he's a lapdog," says his owner.

black Lab Rudi shakes off at a dog beach

Kristen Seymour

Rudi shakes herself off at Fort DeSoto dog beach in Florida, where "she swam and swam and swam," says her owner.

yellow Lab cuddles with big sister

Heather Riley Gleaton via Facebook

Baby yellow Lab, Charlotte, cuddles with her big sister, Josie. Charlotte's owner says the pup is "so sweet and innocent and full of life. Every day is an adventure with her!"

Black Lab lying in the sun

Dogsafe Canine First Aid via Facebook

Lucy was adopted while her owner was on a road trip nearly 500 miles from home. Lucy's new owner worked through the dog's anxiety, and now she works with her owner's company.

Emily Corstange via Facebook

Filly just turned 4 years old. "She dock dives, plays flyball and absolutely loves lure coursing," says her owner. "She's the sweetest girl and we love her! In this picture, she's performing her favorite trick 'tick.' A right leg lift is called 'tock.'"

A black Lab leaps into the water

Cyndi Reynolds via Facebook

William, 5, had started training to be a search and rescue dog when he was younger, but is now a caring companion to his owner. "William has a deep and beautiful heart, so sweet, as are most Labs, but wicked smart and, of course, has a mischievous side when it comes to dumpster diving,” says his owner. Here, he sneaks in a jump off an old pier at Siesta Key Beach in Florida.

black Lab Zac

Kristen Seymour

Zac lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with his mom. Even though he's a senior, he still loves to play with his toys, tossing them in the air and chasing them down.

Brother the black Lab

Simone Hofmann via Facebook

Brother, a 14-year-old black Lab, is moving a little slower these days, but still loved the snow last winter.

Ella the black Lab

Paul Chandler via Facebook

Ella is about 12 years old. "Getting on in age, and as sweet as ever, but still a fierce protector of house, home and (most importantly) her two younger human sisters," says her owner.

Girzzly chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy

Courtesy of Amy Sinatra Ayres

Here's Grizzly, pictured way back in 2002, when he was just a little puppy. So precious! Now almost 14 years old, Grizzly loves his family, sleep and most importantly, food.

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