Free Apps Make Pet Photo Editing, Sharing Easy

Smartphone shutterbugs looking to jump ship after changes to Instagram’s terms of service will be glad to know there are many alternatives out there for photo editing and sharing. These clever programs work easily across multiple platforms and offer oodles of editing and filter features. We tested several apps already on the market and some new ones to find the best platform for you to create and share the perfect pet pics.

Best Photo Editing Tools: Snapseed by Nik Software

This cool app was recently acquired by Google and made available on Android devices. Named iPad app of the year for 2011, Snapseed is surprisingly easy to use and manages to preserve the quality and size of your image even after multiple edits.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Snapseed is the ease with which even a novice user can manipulate images, beyond just applying simple filters or effects. Snapseed allows you to crop, straighten and even pinpoint areas of a photograph you’d like to alter. Intro screens for each feature make the app simple to learn and fun to play with. And the pros like it, too. “I love the editing tools in Snapseed,” says Cathaleen Curtiss, photojournalist, visual media consultant and master of the smartphone camera.

“If you need to sharpen an image, it does not pixelate the reds or yellows," Curtiss explains. "I find, even in Photoshop Express, that happens often and really impacts the integrity of the image.” That’s huge for the everyday photographer, for whom the Photoshop suite of products is perhaps the best-known editing tool in their arsenal.

Samantha Bartram
Just a few swipes of the smartphone screen turn the original image (left) into a work of art (right) thanks to Snapseed.

Honorable Mention: Photoshop Express by Adobe Systems

As easy to use as the desktop version, Photoshop Express is the go-to app for many a photo enthusiast. Even if it’s not her first choice for editing on her iPhone, Curtiss uses Photoshop Express frequently to add her signature border to all her images after getting every pixel perfect with Snapseed’s convenient tools.


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