Fun Fitness Products for You — and Your Dog

dog and human in woods wearing kurgo shoes
Courtesy of Kurgo
Keep everyone safe while you get some exercise in the great outdoors with the right fitness gear, like Kurgo's Step 'N Strobe dog shoes.

For many of us, the end of the holiday season signals a time to make some changes. Though we all enjoy the extra cookies and candy this time of year, the fact is that by the end of December, we're all ready to get back to eating healthy and exercising regularly.

And we're not just fighting holiday overindulgence: According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 all 50 states had at least a 20 percent adult obesity rate. The good news is that if you are a dog owner, you've probably already got a willing fitness partner just waiting to get moving — and there are loads of cool products on the market, for pets and people, designed to motivate you.

Of course, before initiating any exercise program, check with your doctor and your veterinarian first to make sure you and your pooch don't have any underlying conditions that could be aggravated by vigorous exercise.

Foot Protection So You Can Hit the Road

Winter exercise can be a challenge, not just because of the chilly air, but also the ice and snow on the ground. The right footwear can make getting outside a whole lot easier.

For You: Rugged athletic shoes like the IceBugs DTS BU Grip OutDry cross-trainers, $179.95. Designed to grip the ground even when it's covered with ice and snow, these kicks will stop the weather from slowing you down. Plus, IceBugs are all about keeping your feet toasty and dry, which means you'll be willing to walk more miles on even the coldest days.

For Your Dog: Protective booties like the Kurgo Step 'N Strobe dog shoes, $70. Thoughyour dog's paws might not freeze the way your feet do when they touch cold cement, they're still vulnerable to lower temperatures, sharp objects and deicers, so shoes or boots can be a smart addition to your dog's wardrobe. And this pair has an added safety feature: They light up to make your pup easier to see in low visibility. Not sure your dog really needs shoes? Read what Dr. Marty Becker has to say on the subject.

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