Funny Video: Cat Decides to 'Be More Dog'

Do you think you're more like a cat or a dog? U.K. mobile phone company O2 is encouraging people to "be more dog" with its recent campaign, which features a cat who, quite frankly, was tired of doing the same cat things every day.

"I'd be aloof 'til lunch, then coldly indifferent after," the spokescat says (in a way that reminds us of another famously morose kitty). But then the spokescat decides to stop being "meh" and carpe diem by being a bit more "dog." What exactly does that mean? You'll see in this clever video.

One note: As a savvy Vetstreet reader, we're sure you know that it's much safer to keep your kitty indoorsand that you should not encourage the chasing of cars by your pet. But for the entertainment value of this video, we think we can let those things slide this once.

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