Great Gifts for Dog Lovers: Dachshund Edition

Is somebody on your list devoted to Dachshunds? There are loads of clever and quirky gift ideas for dog lovers out there and plenty that are perfect for fans of this popular small hound. We've rounded up seven gifts that we're sure will delight the Dachshund enthusiasts in your life.

Gifts for Dachshund Lovers

Improvements Dachshund Rainbow Wind Chime
Improvements Rainbow Dachshund Wind Chime

Outside of an actual Doxie snuggled up on your lap as you sit outdoors (or just look out the window) and sip hot tea, we're quite sure that this is the cutest way to spruce up a porch or garden. And it'll probably sound rather pretty, too, when it can be heard over any actual Dachshunds barking!

Rainbow Dachshund Wind Chime, $29.99 at Improvements

I Love Dachshunds Shop Scarf
I Love Dachshunds Shop Dachshund Winter Knit Scarf

Looks like we might be in for a long, cold winter in many parts of the country. Any Dachshund fiend would definitely find the season more friendly with a long, cozy scarf like this.

Dachshund Winter Knit Scarf, $24.99 at

Dachshund Wines Riesling
Dachshund Wines Riesling

Cheers to a long, tall bottle that celebrates a long, little dog! Plus, aren't we all suckers for a truly adorable label like this?

Dachshund Wines Riesling, $12.99 at Total Wine

Uncommon Goods Hand Knit Dachshund Ornament
Uncommon Goods Hand Knit Dog Ornament

This sweet little ornament is made by fair trade artisans in the southern Highlands of Peru, so it’s not only cute, but it also helps artisans generate income outside of agriculture. That's a festive gift any Dachshund fan would truly dig. (Get it? Dig?)

Hand Knit Dog Ornament, $28 at Uncommon Goods

Dog Is Good Why Can't All Dogs Dachshund Tote
Dog Is Good "Why Can’t All Men Be Like My Dog?" Tote Bag

The pop art design is right on trend — and we don't know about you, but we certainly have a few close friends who would relate awfully well to the message! 

"Why Can’t All Men Be Like My Dog?" tote, $29.99 at Dog Is Good

Jacadi Children's Dachshund Sweater
Jacadi Dachshund Motif Sweater

This is admittedly a splurge for a child’s sweater, but it's positively darling. And besides, a cotton and cashmere blend with a playful design like this will never go out of style, especially in a family that's Dachshund-obsessed!

Dachshund Motif Sweater, $104 at Jacadi

Saint Francis de Furter Dachshund print Retro Pets
Retro Pets Saint Francis de Furter Print by Santa Fe Artist Krista Brooks

Weiner dog jokes always make us laugh, and this is a clever take on it. What Doxie-loving home would be complete without this cheeky ode to the Patron Saint of Dachshund Devotion?

Saint Francis de Furter print, starting at $20 at

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