Halloween Countdown: Our Favorite Dogs and Cats in Costumes

We’re counting down the days until Halloween, so each day this week we’ll share our favorite fan-submitted photos of dogs and cats in costumes. We even snuck in some incredibly cute Instagram stars like Corgnelius and Samhaseyebrows.

Today is, of course, October 31. Thank you so much for sharing your adorable pet photos on our Facebook page. Scroll through our photo gallery below and tell us which of these costumed pets is your favorite. Have a fun (and safe) Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Mocha Latte the Poodle dressed as a Devil

Mocha Latte the Devil

We hope Mocha Latte the Poodle isn't as devilish as she looks!

Diego the Pomeranian in a pumpkin

Diego the Pomeranian in a Pumpkin

Diego the Pomeranian is the cutest little pumpkin we've ever seen.

Jijin and Dimas the Shih Tzus are ready for Halloween

Jijin and Dimas the Devil and Witch

Jijin and Dimas the Shih Tzus are ready to cast some spells on Halloween night.

Foxy the Pumpkin
Foxy the Pumpkin

It's the Great Pumpkin, Foxy.

Fifi the goth princess
Fifi the Goth Princess

Something tells us Fifi the Goth princess likes to shop at Hot Topic.

Rudi the bat

Kristen Seymour, Vetstreet

Rudi the Bat

Aaahhh! There's a huge bat flying around in broad daylight! Just kidding! That's Rudi the black Lab mix.

Flower dog.
Callie the Flower

Callie is such a beautiful flower! She doesn't need spring to bloom.

Frenchy from Grease dog
Polly as Frenchy From "Grease"

We bet Polly the dog wouldn’t be a beauty school dropout like Frenchy from Grease.

Tugg and Milo the Firefighters
Tugg and Milo the Firefighters

Tugg and Milo the firefighters are ready to save the day.

Pirate dog.

Marleau the Pirate

Batten down the hatches! This Beagle is a pirate.

Australian Cattle Dog dressed as cattle
An Australian Cattle Dog Cow

This Australian Cattle Dog is dressed up as a cow. Get it?

Mannie the French Bulldog dressed as a hamburger
Mannie the Hamburger

Who else is craving a hamburger right now? Mannie the Frenchie, your costume is making us hungry.

Raggedy Andy dog.
Chico as Raggedy Andy

It’s Raggedy Andy! Nope, that’s just Chico the dog dressed as the beloved doll.

Winter the Miniature Poodle Lumberjack
Winter the Lumberjack

Timber! Winter the Miniature Poodle is the world’s most adorable lumberjack.

Corgnelius and Strumphey in shark costumes
Corgi Sharks

Cue the Jaws theme: Everyone’s favorite famous Corgis, Corgnelius and Strumphey, are the cutest sharks we’ve ever seen.

Wok dog

Al the Ewok

May the force be with Al Swearengen the Ewok Yorkie.

Samhaseybrows wears festive Halloween collar
Sam in Festive Collar

Sam, who has eyebrows, will always look skeptical, no matter what Halloween getup he wears.

Bea the Pomeranian dressed as an ice cream sundae

Bea the Ice Cream Sundae

What a delicious treat! Just kidding! This is Bea the Pomeranian dressed as an ice cream sundae.

Sheriff dog.

Hemi the Sheriff

There’s a new sheriff in town: Hemi the Saint Bernard.

Blaze the Boykin Spaniel dressed as a turtle for Halloween

Blaze the Turtle

Here’s an ironic costume: Blaze the Boykin Spaniel is a failed turtle detection dog, and she’s dressed up as, well, a turtle.

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