Heartwarming Stories of People Finding the Perfectly Imperfect Dog

When the Dog Chooses You

Sometimes, despite all the research and planning, the right dog chooses us. I met a couple who told me that when they started looking for a dog, they had a very specific type of dog in mind. Their search was thwarted, though, when they fell for a 14-year-old Labrador they met at the shelter. Though he wasn’t the dog they were looking for, they found that they couldn’t stop thinking about him. The next afternoon, a thunderstorm hit, and the husband rushed immediately to the shelter to fill out the adoption paperwork. He didn’t want “his dog” to have to endure the storm alone. Clearly, the dog needed to be at home with his new family. Despite all of their planning and research, they just knew that this was their dog.

What if you’ve done the research, and you’re waiting with an open heart, but you’re still not finding that perfect pet? It might be time to change your perspective a little. In some cases, the right dog may have less to do with what the pet owner wants and more to do with what’s best for the dog. A volunteer at Homeward Pet Animal Adoption Center told me that he found his dog simply by looking for the dog who needed him most. When he visited the shelter, he asked for the dog who had been there the longest and was likely to be the most difficult to adopt out. This led him to a boisterous, three-legged Malamute mix. Now, months after that first meeting, the duo are near inseparable.

It’s good to know what you’re getting into when you adopt a dog, and it is important to choose a pet who will fit into your family and your lifestyle. But that may not be the dog you are imagining when you start your search. Have faith — when you find the right dog, you’ll know. And so will he.

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