Hilarious Comics Depict Life Before and After You Have a Dog

If you’re a dog owner, do you remember what life was like before your furry friend arrived? Maybe you didn’t have to guard your dinner, and perhaps you had a pristine car. Then again, you didn’t have happy tail wags and slobbering kisses when you arrived home.

Illustrator John Huang, who clearly adores his Golden Retriever, Maimai, showcases the differences between life before and after he got her in the adorable series of comics he shared with us below.

Life Before and After the Dog

Maimai and John Comics Before and After Dog Dinner


Before: You ate dinner in peace.
After: Everyone else wants a bite (or two).

John Huang Comics Before and After Smart phone cord


Before: Your charger charged your phone.
After: Your charger gets mistaken for a chew toy.

Comics before and after phone camera roll


Before: Your camera roll was filled with pictures of yummy food.
After: It's all about the dog.

Comics before and after the dog grandparents


Before: Your mom and dad weren't into pets.
After: They like your pets better than they like you.

Comics before and after dog car


Before: Your car was spotless.
After: It includes dirt, hair and happiness.

Comics before and after dog toys


Before: Toys were for show.
After: They're for playing with!

Comics before and after dog no money


Before: You spent your money on yourself.
After: You have someone much cuter to spoil.

Comics before and after dog out for walk


Before: You relaxed in front of the TV.
After: You get some exercise while walking your best friend.

Comics before and after dog welcome home


Before: Your place was quiet and clean.
After: Your place is messy... but it's also full of love.

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