Holiday Trivia: What It Takes to Get a Presidential Turkey Pardon

Turkeys in the car on the way to Washington D.C.
Popcorn and Caramel, the two lucky turkeys who were picked for the White House ceremony, take a road trip from Badger, Minn., to Washington D.C.

Life After the Turkey Pardon

After President Obama proclaims that the official turkey and his backup are pardoned, the special pair will continue their life of luxury and fame.

They will start with a ride in a black Suburban SUV to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s historic home in Alexandria, Va. Upon arriving, they will be “welcomed with huzzahs” and be on temporary exhibit from Nov. 27 to Jan. 6. After that, the duo will spend the rest of their days at Turkey Hill Farm at Morven Park in Leesburg, Va.

Their posh accommodations at Morven Park, which is known for its heritage bronze turkeys, include a brand-new poultry shed with a lovely cupola and a fenced-in yard to keep out predators. And since these turkeys are so special, Morven Park will also hold a grand welcoming ceremony for them.

“They’ll have a great home,” says Teresa Davenport, assistant director of development and communications for Morven Park.

Indeed they will. These turkeys certainly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.


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