Learn How You — and Your Pet — Should Act Around Guide Dogs

And Davidson wants you to know that there's no reason to feel sorry for guide dogs.

"There are people out there who do believe we're enslaving our dogs," she says. "I had a friend who was standing in an intersection waiting to cross the street with her guide dog, and an animal rights activist came up and unhooked the leash. Fortunately, there was a police officer right there. And the dog didn't move."

Her own experience also shows that these dogs won't take off running at the first opportunity, as when she's been out relieving her dog and accidentally dropped the leash. "The dog has stood or come back to me without me having to do anything," she says. "That speaks to the relationship with the dog."

Don't forget that guide dogs spend a lot more time with their owners than most of our pet dogs do. "They get lots of love and affection," she says. "When I'm in my recliner, I usually have a Lab in my lap."

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