Martha Stewart: Living the Good Long Life With Pets

Committed to Their Care

When it’s time to choose a veterinarian, Stewart says she lets her pooches do the picking, and they don’t all go to the same doctor. “I look for the veterinarian that my dog wants to get out of the car and go into that office. I have had dogs who will not get out of the car at a certain office. The dog does not go to that doctor.”

While this means Stewart has different veterinarians for different pets, she always does her homework and researches the veterinarians before she lets her dogs make the final call. And she admits she’s drawn to animals with longer life spans. “I don’t like death, as most people don’t. So I have not gotten any giant dogs that have very short life spans. And I love those giant dogs, but they don’t live long enough.”

When Stewart can’t be with her pets, sitters watch after them. The role of animal sitter was one Stewart’s mother, Martha Kostyra, sometimes played before her death in 2007.

“My animals loved her, and she loved all of them,” Stewart says.

Another sign of Stewart’s affection for her pets is the language she speaks with her animals, and she says like most pet owners, she has a cat talk and a dog talk. “I’m not allowed to talk baby talk anymore with my two new grandchildren after the age of 1. It’s a new rule in the house,” Stewart says, laughing. “But there’s never a rule with animals. You can always baby talk to your animals.”

This article originally appeared in the winter issue of HealthyPet Magazine.

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