Multifunction Feline Design: Furniture for Both You and Your Cat

Creating a cat-friendly home means incorporating elements that accommodate your cat’s natural instincts to climb, scratch and rest. Why not look for furniture that gives kitty what she needs and offers function for you too? We’ve rounded up some multifunction furniture that is designed specifically to suit both you and your cat.

Multifunction Feline Design

Modernist Cat

Circa50 Console from Modernist Cat

The Circa50 Console from Modernist Cat is a unique, dual-purpose console that attaches to the wall. It provides a large vertical scratching surface on the front and a place for kitty to perch on top. This attractive midcentury-modern-inspired piece also includes a storage cubby for you to store items.

Credit: ModPetLife

Bloq from Binq Design

The Bloq from Binq Design in the Netherlands is a stylish cube with a soft-close drawer above and a thick padded bed for kitty below. The Bloq can be used as a nightstand or side table, giving you a place to set your coffee cup while providing kitty with a cozy spot for a nap.

Bloq from Binq Design, $350-$470 at ModPetLife.

Credit: Wohnblock

Reading Cat from Wohnblock

This stunning piece of design is from German company Wohnblock. The Reading Cat is a shelf that can be used to store books and objects and even serve as a room divider, while inside there are hidden compartments where your cat can climb, scratch, play and rest.

Reading Cat from Wohnblock, $1,265-$1,335.


Cat Washroom and Nightstand by Merry Products

This attractive cabinet is designed to hold kitty’s litterbox or to create a safe, secluded spot for her to nap. It can double as a side table or nightstand, giving you two surfaces for storage and display.

Cat Washroom and Nightstand by Merry Products, $100 at

Credit: ModPetLife

CatCase from Urban Cat Design

The CatCase from Urban Cat Design provides a way to store your books and your cats together! Designed with felines in mind, this bookshelf/cat tree keeps the book storage separated from the cat climbing and scratching surfaces. Cats can easily climb all the way to the perch on top.

CatCase from Urban Cat Design, $1,750 at ModPetLife.

Credit: Modern Cat Designs

Large Litter Hider from Modern Cat Designs

Looking for a way to hide that oversize litterbox and add a stylish piece of furniture to your home? The Large Litter Hider from Modern Cat Designs will do the trick. This piece was designed to accommodate large or automatic litterboxes while providing two usable surfaces on top.

Large Litter Hider from Modern Cat Designs, $269 at Modern Cat Designs.

Credit: Cat Convertibles

The Cat Convertible Cabinet

The Cat Convertible Cabinet packs the most function into a single piece of furniture. This cabinet is designed with functional storage inside, a vertical scratching surface on the side, and a comfy cat bed on top. The whole thing can be completely closed when company comes over.

The Cat Convertible Cabinet, $269 at Cat Convertibles.

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