National Dog Day! Show Us Your Cute Pooches

In honor of National Dog Day, we asked our Facebook fans to send us photos of their favorite canines, and as always, they didn't disappoint. From service dogs and canine athletes to cuddle buddies and Ewok lookalikes, their submissions run the gamut of what it means to be man (or woman's) best friend.

Check them out in our gallery below, and don't forget to join in the celebration by sharing a photo of your best furry friend on our Facebook page!

Happy National Dog Day!

Jakka- National Dog Day

Facebook via Christel Wilson Schwartz


Finally! Proof that Ewoks do exist! Jakka, a Lhasa Apso, is his owners' "biggest source of joy and entertainment." With that cute mug, we can definitely see why.

Calyx- National Dog Day

Facebook via Jule Schweighoefer


Calyx, shown here at 4 months old (left) and 9 months old (right), is a German Shepherd rescue who was adopted by his foster family when he was just 7 weeks old. His owner says he adores his doggie siblings and playing in the grass. But he's a total fanatic when it comes to water.

Shaylee, Skye, and Rio - National Dog Day

Facebook via Kathie O'Connell Guentz

Shaylee, Skye & Rio

Check out this lovely Border Collie trio! They're not just pretty faces, though. Their owner says they all compete in Frisbee.

Marley - National Dog Day

Facebook via Karin Pualililehua James


This happy girl is named Marley. Her owner found her abandoned in a trash can when she was only 4 weeks old, and they have been inseparable ever since. Now 3.5 years old, Marley is "my reason to get up out of bed every day," says her owner. "I love my girl more than anything in this world!"

Yugo - National Dog day

Facebook via Jennifer Benson


Yugo is a 4-year-old Havanese service dog. His owner says he is "pawsome" and we totally agree!

Tonsil and Lucy - National Dog Day

Facebook via Jean Landess

Tonsil and Lucy

This super chill duo only look like twins. Treeing Walkers Tonsil and Lucy were actually adopted from two different states.

Cali- National Dog Day

Facebook via Kristen Pemberton


These gorgeous blue eyes belong to Cali, a Husky-Lab mix. A rescue from Tennessee, her owner says she is "smart as a whip and rings my door bell when she wants to come in!"

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