Pet Partnership: AVMA and AKC Launch New Liaison Role

Joseph Kinnarney
Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have created a new partnership with the goal of sharing medical information. Vetstreet connected with Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney, who has been named the first AVMA liaison to the AKC, to talk about what he hopes to see develop because of this new position.

Q: What was the motivation to create a liaison position between the AKC and the AVMA?

Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney: AVMA and AKC have much in common, especially when it comes to the health of our dogs. We needed a more formal communication channel to exchange ideas and enhance our relationship. This has proven to be a good first step.

Q: What are the specific goals of the partnership?

Kinnarney: The goal is to work together to communicate to the public the importance of preventive care as well as the new research initiatives in veterinary medicine, many of which are funded by AKC and associated clubs and organizations.

Q: What will be your first order of business?

Kinnarney: The initial main focus for me will be to open the lines of communication between the two groups, as well as between veterinarians and purebred dog breeders.

Q: What do you think veterinarians can learn from the AKC and its members?

Kinnarney: Good and well-educated dog breeders know their breed. They continually strive to breed the healthiest and highest-quality puppies, testing for genetic disorders and funding many research programs aimed at eliminating both disease and genetic disorders. Sharing this with their veterinarians is very important.

Q: What do you hope to share with the AKC and its members from the AVMA that can improve pet well-being?

Kinnarney: Veterinarians are the experts when it comes to the health and welfare of all animals. With our knowledge and expertise, we can be an integral part of the team and help educate the public as to the importance of proper preventive care. We can also help breeders improve and understand health issues in their breeds.

Q: Do you believe there will be information that comes from this partnership that can help dog owners who don't have a purebred?

Kinnarney: Absolutely! It is a win-win when we can all educate the pet-owning public.

Q: What would you like this partnership to achieve in the future?

Kinnarney: In the future, I see this partnership continuing communication, sharing information, forming coalitions when needed on matters of common interest, working together on legislative issues that protect the welfare of animals and strengthening our common ground.

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