Pit Bull Videos That Will Make You Laugh, Smile and Shed a Tear

As the owner of two adorably sweet Pit Bulls, my Facebook and Instagram feeds are often inundated with Pit Bull videos. For those who don’t have the same fortune, I’ve compiled a roundup of my favorite videos of this often misjudged but completely lovable breed.

Are you ready to watch some Pibbles shake, wiggle and roll their way into your heart? Ready, set, go...

Pit Bulls Cuddle and Wag Their Tails

Thank goodness for a replay button, because 17 seconds of these two tail wigglers goes by way too fast. The little pitter-patter of their tails as they fade to sleep is so cute. Go ahead, press repeat. You know you want to.

Staffy in the Shower

Start singing, “Rubber Duckie, you’re the one...," and this Pittie is sure to brighten your day.

While this pup seems to love a good shower, not all dogs are as enthusiastic about bath time. Follow some of these simple tips to make bathing your dog easier (and grab a large rubber duckie while you are at it).

Pit Bull Rolls on Bed

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog does all day, this about sums it up.

And we're not sure which is funnier: the dog or his feline companion, who just sits there the whole time this pup goes roly-poly. The cat’s annoyed reaction at 1:50 cracks us up. So much for a good catnap.

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