Popular Dog Breeds in Each U.S. Region

popular dog breeds
Credit: Back to Basics Pet Food
A recent study shows that the top dog breeds in each region don't necessarily match perfectly with the most popular breeds in the United States.

Here at Vetstreet, we love to share fascinating data from our own databases with you, but sometimes, we get interesting information from other sources that we just can't help but pass along. That's the case with this study from Back to Basics, which showcases not only which dog breeds are most popular in various parts of the United States, but also which breeds men vs. women prefer, plus why we love those breeds so darn much. And, yes, in case you wondered, "cute" did make the list as a top reason in many cases. Those puppy dog eyes really do work!

Check out the slideshow below for details on which dog breeds are most popular in different parts of the country, and go to the full infographic to learn more about why people tend to love these breeds and what the gender breakdown looks like.

Top 10 Dog Breeds by Region

popular breeds infographic

Credit: Back to Basics

The Lab reigned supreme as top dog in all regions. No other breed showed quite the same popularity across the whole country.

popular dogs in northeast

Credit: Back to Basics


The Golden Retriever grabbed No. 2 in the Northeast but was farther down the list in the rest of the states.

popular dogs in the west

Credit: Back to Basics


Out West is the place for Corgis. The breed came in at No. 6 there, but it didn't make the top 10 elsewhere.

popular dogs in the midwest

Credit: Back to Basics


Those cold Midwestern winters might help explain the popularity of the Husky in that region.

popular dogs in the south

Credit: Back to Basics


The Pit Bull ranked higher in the South than in any other part of the United States.

Do these results line up with what you guessed to be true in your region? If not, what surprised you?

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