Proper Pet Waste Disposal: How to Protect People and the Environment

Removing Waste the Right Way

According to Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and CEO of DoodyCalls, pet waste should be removed on a regular basis.

For those who want to be environmentally conscious, check to see how your trash is disposed of.“If in your area the waste is incinerated, then it doesn’t matter so much what you’re putting it in because it’s incinerated anyway. In some areas, it goes to a landfill, which is different, so you want to pay attention to where it’s going and decide what to do,” D’Aniello says.

So if your trash is sent to a landfill,you may want to look for biodegradable pet waste bags.According to Dr. Thompson, “removal to trash in biodegradable bags will [have the] least impact on landfills.”

For owners interested in using pet waste for composting, D’Aniello says it’s no easy task. The heap has to exceed 165 degrees Fahrenheit to safely sterilize the waste, which is a difficult temperature for most backyard compost systems to reach. Even if the temperature is possible, it’s still risky to use the waste as a fertilizer in gardens, as noted earlier. If you really want to compost it, Dr. Thompson advises investigating underground composting options similar to those used for outhouses.

Keeping Everyone Safe

The surest way to decrease the impact of your pet’s waste is by removing it promptly.

“You’re doing the right thing environmentally by picking up waste in your own backyard. Help educate people in your community about the importance of this, either with waste stations or educational materials. It’s not just about you and your backyard,” D’Aniello says. “If everyone works together, then we can all positively impact the community.”


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