Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppies have limited experience with heights and may be oblivious to danger. A puppy can easily get excited and slip through the railing of a balcony if he sees an exciting distraction walk by. If your home has a balcony, you may need to temporarily use chicken wire or another type of fencing over the slats in the railing to protect your puppy from slipping through the open space. You can also opt to keep your pet on a harness and leash while you actively supervise him in this area.

Drowning can happen in an instant, even at home. Keep hot tubs and pools covered or blocked off with fencing to prevent an accident.

Many dogs have difficulty navigating stairs and can be injured or severely frightened by them. Teach your puppy to walk up and down the stairs using treats to lure him up and down; until he masters stair climbing, block off access to these areas with baby gates.

Certain breeds are more likely to roam or to exhibit escape behavior even at a young age, which can put them in danger of being lost or injured — or even killed. Be sure your fence line is tall enough to keep your puppy in, and that there are no items along the fence that he can use as a step stool to scamper over the fence. Puppies that dig can also escape under the fence line, which may mean extending the fence further underground to keep your puppy in.

These puppy-proofing tips will protect your home — but, more important, they will protect your puppy, which ensures many years to come of bonding and friendship with your family.


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