Spring Break: 15 Cats and Dogs Who Are Having Fun in the Sun

Spring break isn't just for humans anymore. Cats and dogs know how to have fun in the sun, too, and would love to tag along on your vacation.

In honor of the warm and relaxing days ahead, here are 15 pets catching some rays, going on hikes and floating in the pool.

Pets on Spring Vacations

Dogs on dog beach.

Charlie the Rat Terrier mix and Dudditz the chocolate Lab mix obviously know how to enjoy a fun day at the Dog Beach.

Cat sunning in window.

Blake the domestic shorthair spends his free time catching some rays.

Dog on floaty in pool.

Allie the German Shepherd spends her downtime floating in the pool.

Dog loves to hike.

Paddy, an adventurous Aussie, knows hiking is an amazing activity for spring break.

Dog at Paws in the Pool

A Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix named Tozer Behr eases into the pool at an annual Paws in the Pool event.

Dog loves camping.

Camping is one of English Bulldog Princess Puddles Wuddleworth's favorite activities. It's a great way to spend any break.

Cat sunning on deck.

Simmon loves to sun himself on the deck when he has time to kill.

Dog shakes off water at beach.

After a dip at Jupiter Beach in Florida, Velvet, a Corgi mix, shakes off a little water before playing in the sand. 

Midget the cat camping

Midget loves camping, and is always up for going on outdoor walks.

Three dogs in pool.

What do best friends do on spring break? Hang out poolside, just like these handsome black Lab brothers: Jose, Spider and Rowdy.

Dog lounging in chair.

Scruffy, a Terrier mix, doesn't need to leave home to enjoy spring break. He can just head outside to soak up the Arizona sunshine.

Dog sits at beach.

Marlee, a German Shepherd mix, is all for spring break if it involves going to the beach.

Dog swimming.

If you ask Lucy, a fun-loving Vizsla, a relaxing swim at Mission Bay in San Diego is a great spring break activity.

Dog at beach on driftwood.

Wall-e the Newfoundland will be king of the beach this spring break!

Cat under covers.

Sometimes during spring break, you just don't want to get out from under the covers, like Tom, this charming rescue cat.

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