The 10 Cutest Puppy Photos We've Ever Seen

Cuteness is something that’s totally subjective, but when you’ve looked at as many pet photos as we have, you become somewhat of an expert in adorableness. That being said, we would never try to determine which dog breeds are the cutest. They are all cute for different reasons. But, we do trust ourselves to choose the cutest photos of purebred puppy breeds.

We combed through our dog breed profiles to find the most adorable puppy photos we have. We felt especially drawn to puppies who are super fluffy or are making silly faces. So, without further ado, here are 10 puppy breed photos that will brighten your day.

10 Adorable Pictures of Puppy Breeds

Golden Retriever puppy leaning on person

Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

All She Needs Is Someone to Lean On

All Golden Retriever puppies are precious, but this one earns cuteness points for leaning on a human, which can be a sign of love and affection.

French Bulldog puppy

Britta Jaschinski, Animal Photography

Baby Bat Dog

This tiny Frenchie friend's bat ears are just starting to stick up. For that, he gets the award for cutest puppy ears. He wins for most adorable snout, too. And prettiest eyes. We could keep going and going.

Bloodhound puppy

Sam Farlap, Animal Photography

We Heart Wrinkles

We don't do much arithmetic on, but when we see a Bloodhound puppy like this one, we have to. Here's the formula: Floppy ears + droopy eyes + wrinkled face + silly facial expression = cuteness x 100.

Two German Shepherd puppies

Sam Clark, Animal Photography

Two Balls of Fluff

We've already named these German Shepherd puppies Sirs Fluffington and Furrington — names that they'll never outgrow or be embarrassed of when they become German Shepherd teenagers.

Four Pembroke Corgi puppies in long grass

Ron Willbie, Animal Photography

What a Corgi Crew

Can you imagine being surrounded by Corgi puppies like these tiny friends? It would be beyond amazing. #Squadgoals  

Border Collie puppy

Barbara O'Brien, Animal Photography

Blue-Eyed Beauty

We could stare into these mesmerizing ice blue eyes all day. Want a treat baby Border Collie? You got it. How about a belly rub? Your wish is our command!

Labrador Retriever Puppy

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

Someone's Getting Sleepy

It's hard to be a puppy. This little Lab is so tired that he's struggling to keep his eyes open. Don't fight it, tiny friend.

Wirehaired Dachshund puppies in a field

Eva Maria Kramer, Animal Photography

Double Trouble

What's better than one wirehaired Dachshund? Two wirehaired Dachshunds! The one on the left is a little hidden, but we are certain he's just as a adorable as the cutie on the right.

Portuguese Water Dog Puppy lying on bed

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

So Cute and Cozy

We can't speak for this Portie puppy's swimming skills, but we're 99 percent certain that she is an excellent snuggler.

Airedale puppy looking at camera

Anita Peeples, Animal Photography

What a Handsome Fella

The Airedale is often called "the king of Terriers," and this dapper guy looks like true royalty!

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