The Best of Vetstreet: 10 Essays We Love From the Last Year

It goes without saying that we adore critters of all shapes and sizes at Vetstreet — and we also adore animal folk who can write lovingly about the special pets in their lives.

So to mark our one-year anniversary, we've compiled 10 from-the-heart essays that moved us the most. From senior pets to quirky cats, there's sure to be a piece in the mix that will move you too.

10 Must-Read Essays From Vetstreet

Felix the Dachshund

Liz Ozaist

Love Letter to Felix the Dachshund

For Valentine’s Day, Vetstreet deputy editor Liz Ozaist wrote about her unexpected and loving bond with her late father’s dog, Felix.

Read her homage to the beloved pup: “Love Letter to Felix the Dachshund."

Kristen Seymour

Coping With Pet Loss

Vetstreet editor Kristen Seymour took us through the stages of grief that she experienced after her 15-year-old cat, Meeko, passed away.

Read more: “Grieving Meeko: Getting Through Pet Loss Day by Day.”

Bearded dragon

Photo credit: Sarah Mahoney

How Lucky the Lizard Stole My Heart

When Sarah Mahoney received a bearded dragon from her husband, she declared it was the worst gift ever — but Lucky the lizard somehow managed to charm the reluctant reptile owner.

Read more: “Year of the Dragon: How Lucky the Lizard Stole My Heart.”

Mikkel Becker's dog Teddy

Saying Goodbye to Mister Teddy

Although dog trainer and Vetstreet contributor Mikkel Becker only owned her senior Pomeranian for less than a year, she and her daughter still shared a deep bond with Mister Teddy, the miracle dog.

Read more about the pup whom she’ll never forget: “Saying Goodbye to Our Dog, Mr. Teddy.”

Romeo the cat on plastic-covered carpet

Caroline Golon

Why One Cat Owner Had to Pee-Proof Her House With Plastic

Thanks to her “pee cat,” Romeo, Caroline Golon has spent $4,000 over the past five years to replace carpeting, buy new rugs, rent cleaners and try every odor eliminator known to man. Oh, she also installed wall-to-wall plastic sheeting.

Read more about her litterbox-challenged kitty: “The Things We Do for Love: ‘We Created a Plastic-Wrapped Palace for Our Cat’

Dr. Ernie Ward

The Day I Decided to Become a Veterinarian

When Vetstreet contributor Dr. Ernie Ward was just 9 years old, he watched his pup, Taco, die in his arms — and decided, at that moment, to dedicate his life to animals.

Read more about his journey to veterinary medicine: “When My Childhood Dog Was Shot, I Knew I Wanted to Become a Veterinarian.”

Velma and Stan

Courtesy of Stephan Wilkinson

Confessions of a Double Kitten Owner

Susan Crandell may be buying twice as much food — and paying vet bills times two — for her pair of kittens, Velma and Stan — but she’s also getting twice the love.

Read more: “Should Kittens Come in Pairs?

Credit: Carolyn Mason

Ode to a Loyal Senior Dog

A writer looks back on her dog Doug's younger years and compares them to the present day, with both a tear and a smile.

Read her heartwarming story: “Old Man Doug: An Ode to Our 17-Year-Old Dog.”

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus

Courtesy of Dr. Ann Hohenhaus

24 Hours in the Life of a Veterinary Oncologist

From discussing chemotherapy options to checking up on patients in remission, Vetstreet contributor Dr. Ann Hohenhaus gives a glimpse of what a typical day is like for a veterinary cancer specialist.

Read more: “24 Hours in the Life of a Veterinary Oncologist.”

Nora Zelevansky

I Have a Cat Who Acts Like a Dog

A kitty lover discovers that her cat Waldo is very different from other felines who've been in her life.

Read more about the puplike Waldo: “I Live With a Cat Who Acts Just Like a Dog.”

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