Top 10 Most-Searched Small Dog Breeds

We know which dog breeds are most popular in different parts of the United States, but which breeds are our readers searching for the most?

You've already seen which giant breeds readers are most interested in learning about — the 10 large breeds with the most searches since the start of 2015 are listed here. But how about small breeds?

Top Searched Small Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier

Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

No. 10: Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a portable dog who's typically friendly with people and other animals he meets. At 10 to 25 pounds, he's on the bigger end of the spectrum for this list.


Eva-Maria Kramer, Animal Photography

No. 9: Maltese

A member of the Toy Group, the Maltese has a glistening white coat with the cutest shoe-button eyes and generally sports a bright and lively personality.

Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 8: Corgi

Whether you prefer Corgis of the Cardigan Welsh or Pembroke Welsh variety, they're a commonly searched breed! The Queen of England favors the Pembroke, who has a foxier face and no tail. The Cardigan tends to be a bit larger than the Pembroke, although both originated in Wales.


Leanne Graham, Animal Photography

No. 7: Chihuahua

Small in stature, the Chihuahua has a supersize personality, and when she decides what she wants, she goes after it with single-minded determination.

Salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer standing on stairs

Karin Newstrom, Animal Photography

No. 6: Miniature Schnauzer

Another larger-than-life personality, the Miniature Schnauzer typically loves participating in everything his owner wants to do (and is happy to alert his owner to anything he might not be aware of). Searches for both "Schnauzer" and "Miniature Schnauzer" (but not Standard or Giant) were included.

Dachshund dog breed

David Jensen, Animal Photography

No. 5: Dachshund

The smallest member of the Hound Group, the Dachshund has a big spirit that won't be denied. She's typically intelligent (but occasionally stubborn) and tends to be quite devoted to her people.

Pug Tongue Out Looking at Camera

Leesia Teh, Animal Photography

No. 4: Pug

The sturdy little Pug generally has a charming, fun-loving personality. He was bred as a companion for Chinese royalty and continues to thrive as a cherished member of the family.

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 3: Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie is a member of the Toy group, but her spunky personality tends more toward her Terrier roots. Smart and playful, she's got both looks and brains — although that gorgeous, silky coat can be high maintenance.

Shih Tzu

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 2: Shih Tzu

We won't make you guess how many different spellings we found in searches for the Shih Tzu, but as you can probably imagine, there was quite a variety. He was originally bred as a companion for royalty in China, and many modern Shih Tzus continue to be wonderful family dogs.

Apricot Toy Poodle in Grass

Tara Gregg, Animal Photography

No. 1: Poodle

The beloved Poodle comes in a Miniature and Toy variety (as well as a larger Standard), so for this list, we included searches for "Poodle," "Miniature Poodle" and "Toy Poodle," and altogether, they added up to No. 1!

We parsed through several thousand searches to come up with the list above. And, for each of the breeds listed, we included all obvious varieties of the breed name: misspellings, nicknames and abbreviations, as well as any searches for the breed name with other information. So, for example, "What does a Shih Tzu chew on?" counted as a search for that breed.

However, any searches for a breed along with another breed ("Maltese" and "Poodle") were not counted, nor were any designer mixes or other mixed-breed nicknames ("Maltipoo"). Finally, to be considered, breeds had to have a maximum top weight of 25 pounds.

Did your favorite breed make the list?

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