Unique Dog Names: Clever Puns Edition

Our Retriever is back with the lab report, and the results are in: Dog pun names arepawsome.

Fortunately, we didn't have tooruff a time going through the Vetstreet database of over10.4 million dog names (all belonging to dogs born between January 2013 and May 2016), where we fetched the 186,258 dog names that made just one appearance in the database. From there, we chose thefollowing seven monikers, all of which include some sort of dog-themed play on words.

(And sorry about our painful puns above, we just couldn't help ourselves!)

One item to note: These photos are not of the actualpets with these names, although we did try to choose pictures of the same breed as the pet from our database, when the name called for it.

Dog Names Featuring Clever Canine Puns




And you thought your dog was a little devil.

dinomut name



We're all about having some good times when it comes to finding new pet names, and this funny moniker? It's positively dy-no-mite!

butterpup dog name



You want a dog name that brings to mind fields of flowers and sunny, spring days? As you wish.

sparkpug name



Anyone needing an automobile-themed name for their Pug could do a lot worse than this witty play on a car part.

furcules name puppy



You might find yourself in an epic battle against fur in your home, but you'd never dare battle it out with a pooch whose name is a play on the Greek hero Hercules, right? 

Pomeranian name



Pomeranians might be small, but they're big on personality, so we have no doubt that a little Pom would be able to carry off this long name with serious style.

excalifur puppy name



We're pretty sure that a dog with this name, based on the sword in the Arthurian legend, almost definitely possesses some magical powers. You know, like the ability to scarf down a bowl of kibble in the blink of an eye or convince his owners that it's definitely time to go for a nice, long walk right this minute.

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