Unique Pet Names: The Pop Culture Edition

We love finding out which kitten and puppy names are the most popular and super trendy each year, but you know what might be even cooler? Digging through our data to find our favorite unique pet names! That being said, it was no easy task.

Out of more than 10.4 million dog names and 4.6 million cat names (all belonging to pets born between January 2013 and May 2016) in the Vetstreet database, we pulled out 186,258 names that were, by definition, unique (meaning they appeared in that database only once). From there, we pulled out the most clever ones and divided them into categories. We're kicking it off with some great pop culture references, but don't worry — you'll see all of them over the coming months!

One note: The pictures in the slideshow below are not pictures of theactual pets with these names. However, when possible we did attempt to share pictures of the same breed as the actual pet from our database.

Pop Culture Pet Names

Pop Culture Pet Names Catloaf



For ages, cat owners have looked at their kitties lying down with all four legs tucked and thought, "Wow, my cat sure looks like a loaf of bread." But, thanks to sites like Reddit and Tumblr, the "catloaf" has become more than a half-baked pop culture craze, and we suspect it's only on the rise. Although, at some point the trend will be toast. Naturally.

Pop Culture Pet Names Dach Marten


Dach Marten

Anyone familiar with the 90s grunge trend will immediately smile at this witty play on the Dr. Martens shoe brand, although it's worth noting that the brand has seen significant regrowth in recent years, leading us to believe that the 90s truly are back. But, the question remains: Which has a longer tongue? Your Docs or your Dachshund?

Pop Culture Pet Names Bullgatti



The Bugatti brand of cars is symbolic of beauty and style. Adapting the name for a Bulldog shows that the owner truly appreciates her dog's special qualities. 

Pop Culture Pet Names Miss Phang


Miss Phang

Back in the mid-90s, one couldn't turn a corner without hearing someone being called "Miss Thang" thanks to Monica's 1995 album with that name. And, even though that was more than 20 years ago, the term has proven to have some staying power, and we can just picture this Chihuahua sporting some attitude —and teeth — to earn her title.

Pop Culture Pet Names Jimmy Chew


Jimmy Chew

The very idea of your pup sinking her teeth into your Jimmy Choos is probably enough to make you clutch your Mikimoto pearls, but we feel pretty confident that using the brand as inspiration for your chewy pup's name is never going to go out of style.

Pop Culture Pet Names Louie Kitton


Louie Kitton

Sticking with the luxury brand theme, we simply adored this feline riff on the French fashion house brand Louis Vuitton. And no, we don't think that having an LV pet carrier to match the kitty's moniker is overkill... as long as it doesn't mean you run out of cash for kibble!

Pop Culture Pet Names Batpug

Courtesy of Susan Segrest


Fact: Substituting "Pug" for just about any noun in a name makes it approximately 60 percent funnier. And, that percentage only goes up when — if you squint — you can see a a bit of a resemblance to the original.

Pop Culture Pet Names Purrarri



High-end sports cars seem to be a popular pick when it comes to finding sources of inspiration for pet names! And, we can certainly see why in this case. After all, car aficionados always talk about listening to the motor purr, so it stands to reason that a purring kitty is, well, a purr-fect subject for an adaptation of the Ferrari brand name. Especially for a cat who also loves to race around. 

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