Veterinary Professionals Pick the 5 Most Dramatic Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are known for being happy-go-lucky, seeming to adapt to all kinds of situations with a mere wag of the tail. Others not so much.

We were curious as to which breeds veterinary professionals found to be the biggest drama queens during visits to their offices. Which breeds shrink at the first sign of a nail trimmer? Which ones are likely to howl or whine the moment they catch sight of the clinic door?

Two hundred eighty-one animal experts, including veterinarians, technicians and office staff, weighed in with their opinions on the topic. We've listed their top five picks in the slideshow below, but we want to hear from you, too. Which breeds would you add to the list?

Most Dramatic Dog Breeds

Dachshund Howling

Nick Ridley, Animal Photography

No. 5: Dachshund

This hound is small, but he's got a huge personality. The Dachshund is typically brave, bold, sometimes reckless and often barks with little (or no) provocation, but that doesn't keep Doxie lovers from singing his praises.


Paul Cotney, Animal Photography

No. 4: Pug

Another relatively little dog, the Pug also packs a lot of life into a small package. He tends to be a lively little lovebug who's not shy about letting you know just what he wants — like all of your attention.

Two Beagles

Sam Clark, Animal Photography

No. 3: Beagle

Most Beagles love to eat almost as much as they love to sniff, and they've got enormous voices they're happy to use.

Chihuahua Face Closeup

Anita Peeples, Animal Photography

No. 2: Chihuahua

Perhaps when you're very small, everything seems like a big deal, which could explain the drama queen personalities of many Chihuahuas. But that only makes this breed more lovable to his many fans.

Basset Hound With Puppies

Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography

No. 1: Basset Hound

Her soulful eyes are enough to get most people to bend to her will, but if the Basset Hound's hangdog expression doesn't convince you, her mournful howl will almost definitely get you to see things her way.

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