Vetstreet Readers Have the Most Adorable Adopted Shelter Pets

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is April 30, and to celebrate, we're sharing a few of our favorite reader-submitted adoption stories. It looks like all these adorable dogs and cats are enjoying their forever homes!

Have you adopted a shelter pet? Tell us about him or her in the comments!

Adorable Adopted Shelter Pets

three rescue dog siblings

Tara Portell via Facebook

"From the left is Ami, Amber and Rydan. They are all rescue dogs and we love them to the moon and back." - Tara Portell

black cat

Paula Silverman via Facebook

"This is Bruno, a 14-pound Chantilly mix. He was adopted from the Animal Humane Society of Golden Valley, MN. He was rescued from the 'floods of Louisiana.'" - Paula Silverman

dog running with ball

Jeanette Hancock via Facebook

"This is Stitch! Since she was rescued in May of 2014, she has made it obvious that she loves the feeling of wind whipping through her ears as she runs and plays. Make no mistake, she doesn't go far — she is quite comfortable enjoying her creature comforts of her forever home." - Jeanette Hancock

cat sitting in the window

Walter K Maier via Facebook

"This is Peanut; we adopted her from the town shelter back in September — she had been in the shelter for several years. She was very shy and reserved, and although still a bit skittish at times, she's such a sweet girl. We love her so much." - Walter K. Maier

white adopted dog

Nicky Butler via Facebook

"This is Mogwai, Mogs for short. Mogs is my own personal little 'Arctic Fox.'" - Nicky Butler

cat laying on pillow

Anne March via Facebook

"I'm Max, a loyal and loving lap cat. I was rescued from a SoCal shelter at one year old. My siblings and I were found in a trash bag on the beach. I'm living in New England now and life is grand at 10!" - Anne March

cat under covers

Lori Snow Reyes via Facebook

"This stunner is Willow. She was being fostered with her seven kitties, who were all adopted out. My daughter picked her up and she reached out and put her paw on my heart. She is such an intelligent and social cat." - Lori Snow Reyes

cat laying in owner's arms

Jennifer Lane via Facebook

"This is Charm. She was found in the dumpster at only three weeks old. I fostered her through a rescue and we could not part ways. Seven years later, she's still by my side." - Jennifer Lane

adopted dog sitting

Danielle Jones via Facebook

"This is Winston! I adopted him when he was about eight months old. I went to the shelter with a friend looking for a dog for her, and ended up with this cutie!" - Danielle Jones

cat sitting

Jessica Leslie via Facebook

"My Mrs. Jenkins turns six in May, and I've had her almost as long. She is a spoiled furbaby." - Jessica Leslie

two cats sitting together

Stacy Bootsma via Facebook

"These are my shelter babies. Revan was adopted on Valentine's Day this year and Barney was adopted in August 2014. They both came from different shelters and have made our home complete." - Stacy Bootsma

adopted scotty dog

Annette Wietsma via Facebook

"This is our Molly. We adopted her from the shelter in March 2015. She is our baby now and we love her to pieces!" - Annette Wietsma

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