Video Roundup: The Cutest Shiba Inu Puppies You'll Find on YouTube

Shiba Inu fans, we’ve got something awesome for you that might just put a damper on your productivity for a while. We’ve compiled a roundup of some of the cutest Shiba Inupuppy videos we could find on YouTube. Is that a day-maker or what? Check out videos of these fox-like dogs trying to stay awake, playing and doing tiny, puppy versions of their distinctive Shiba screams — and feel free to keep watching them over and over again.

Merlin Tries to Stay Awake

Merlin the Shiba Inu puppy fights sleep… and sleep ultimately wins. We feel you, Merlin.

Akira Chases His Tail

Shibas can be determined dogs, and Akira is no exception. Maybe if he spins just a little bit faster, he’ll catch that curly, fluffy tail of his!

Mac Howls When He Yawns

Mac, a Shiba Inu mix, howls when he yawns, especially when it’s time for dinner. How cute is he?

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