What Are the Most Popular Dog Breeds in Your City?

How popular is your pooch? The American Kennel Club recently announced the breeds most often registered in the country and in each individual state. See which breeds are top dog across the country below.

New York

New York City

5. Golden Retriever

4. German Shepherd Dog
3. Labrador Retriever

2. Bulldog
1. French Bulldog

In the Big Apple, Frenchies took the first spot over last year’s popular Bulldog. Although not in the overall top five, several breeds led the pack in certain neighborhoods of NYC. For instance, the Italian Greyhound was the most popular breed in Washington Heights, the Yorkshire Terrier in Riverdale, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the Upper East Side.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

5. Golden Retriever

4. Labrador Retriever
3. German Shepherd Dog

2. French Bulldog
1. Bulldog

City of Angels? Or City of Bulldogs? Although Frenchies and Bulldogs appeared on top five lists in other cities, according to Gina DiNardo, AKC vice president, L.A. was ahead of the trend as those two breeds have been popular in the city for years. The Golden Retriever also made it into a top slot this year, bumping the Yorkshire Terrier out of place (sorry, Paris Hilton!).

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