Window Perches for Your Kitty to Sit Pretty

What’s better than lying in a sun-drenched spot, watching the world go by? Not much, if you’re a cat. That’s why window perches are so popular with our feline friends.

Enriching a cat’s environment by offering perches to sleep on, objects to climb and things to watch provides him both mental and physical benefits. And, happily, there are a number of options, so one is sure to work in your home.

Window Perches for Your Kitty to Sit Pretty

Kitty Sill Deluxe

The super-soft microfleece-lined Kitty Sill Deluxe has a special feature: a zip-off bolster. Providing security for your cat and peace of mind for you, the bolster also gives your cat extra cushion and comfort. And, boy, do we know how cats like comfort!

Kitty Sill Deluxe with bolster from K&H Pet Products, $29.99

Lotus Cat Tower

For a mobile solution, almost any cat condo or climbing tree can serve as a window perch. Move your cat’s favorite climbing tree in front of a window or glass door and voila! You have a comfortable, portable window seat, without any installation hassles.

Lotus Cat Tower, $369.99 at the Refined Feline

Meow Town Kitty Window Perch

No tools are needed to attach this comfy perch made of a soft, padded berber mat to any window in your house. A sturdy Velcro strap affixes the perch to the windowsill. All you need is a sunbeam coming through the window and your cat may never leave this spot.

Meow Town Kitty Window Perch, $45.95 at Brookstone

SturdiCat Pyramid

Perfect for spending the day just hanging around, this durable mesh pyramid attaches securely to the ceiling and sways gently while your cat rests comfortably and safely inside. Hang it by a window and you’ll provide your kitty with hours of entertainment.

SturdiCat Pyramid, $31.80 at Sturdi Products


Window Cat Walk Shelf

For those who want to permanently affix a perch on the window for their cat, this wraparound cat shelf is a great option. The cat shelf can be custom fitted to any window in your home. Long and sturdy, this shelf holds up to 100 pounds, so a crew of cats can hang out and bird watch together.

Window Cat Walk Shelf, $129.99 at Cat’s Play

Cozy Kitty Window Perch

Cozy Kitty Window Perch

This perch made of premium orthopedic foam covered in warm and cozy fleece is perfect for your senior kitty — or any kitty, for that matter. Hook and latch assembly makes it easy to mount. But beware! This looks so comfy that the older cat in your house may have to fight the young’uns for his senior citizen rights!

Cozy Kitty Window Perch from Ware, $30.79 at

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