Pilling Your Pet: Readers Share Their Sweet and Fun Photos

There’s one pet care task that many dog owners loathe just as much as their canines: giving them pills. Many dogs don’t like the smell or taste of medication and are quick to spit them out, which can be frustrating for their owners. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to make pill time more enjoyable for everybody: Hide his medication in Milk-Bone ® Pill Pouches. The pill pouch masks the smell and taste of most medications and will make your dog think he’s just getting a yummy chicken or hickory smoked bacon-flavored treat.

To prove how tasty Milk-Bone ® Pill Pouches are, we asked our readers and Facebook fans to share the funny thing or skillful trick their dog does when it's pill time. We picked out our favorite stories, and in exchange, the selected readers were given a free bag of Milk-Bone ® Pill Pouches. So, without further ado, meet eight dogs who sit, dance and shake for these treats.

Tricks Dogs Will Do for a Pill Pouch

Tully the Goldendoodle gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Lis Viilu

"Tully is a Labradoodle from Palm Coast, Florida. He doesn’t do a ton of tricks, but he’s mastered the art of sitting handsomely for his pills (as long as they are wrapped in Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches). After all, with a face that cute, who needs tricks to get treats?" — Lis Viilu

Scout getting a Milk-Bone Pill Bouch

Courtesy of Colleen Miller

"Scout is a rescue from Okefanokee Humane Society. He is 5 years old and is a diabetes alert service dog. Scout alerts on high blood sugar for his patient by jumping in his lap and pawing at his chest. He's even alerted in the middle of the night and woke his patient up repeatedly until he took care of his blood sugar. He knows a plethora of tricks and is willing to do all of them for Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches: Sit pretty, lay down, roll over..." — Colleen Miller

Jaxson gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Rachel Lawrence

"Jaxson is an amazing dog! He instantly goes into the down position when he sees the Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches. His favorite trick is to give hugs when he sees people or after he gets his nails cut. He's such a perfect pooch!" — Rachel Lawrence

Olive the shelter dog gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Allison Hoffman

"This is Olive. She is currently up for adoption at the Whatcom Humane Society in Bellingham, Washington. Olive came to the shelter as a stray and was very emaciated and her skin was severely dry and infected. She is taking medication twice a day to clear up her skin condition and the animal-care staff love using Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches to give her her medication every day. Since she was starving when she came to us, she is extremely food-driven so pill time is made easy with Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches!" — Allison Hoffman

PJ gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Becca Cronin

"This is my German Shepherd, PJ. He's very good at the sit and down commands, especially when he gets Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches for showing off his tricks." — Becca Cronin

Monty the Vizsla gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Hill Montague

"Monty is a 1.5-year-old Vizsla who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since he's still pretty puppylike, he has tons of energy and won't sit still for long. However, if I break out the bag of Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches, he will sit as still as a statue. The pouches are especially useful when I need to give him his heartworm and flea and tick prevention medication." — Eleanor Smeallie

Roma gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Susan Tawfik

"Roma the Boxer loves to give her paw for a 'shake.' She loves this trick so much that sometimes she randomly comes over and wants to 'shake,' thinking she’s getting a treat. It’s a little embarrassing to mention, but this sweet girl has some doggy incontinence and has to take pills daily. But she definitely doesn’t mind as long as she’s getting a tasty Milk-Bone® treat to go with her pill." — Susan Tawfik

Blaze gets a Milk-Bone Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Katie White

"Blaze the Boykin doesn't really know any tricks, but she does what I call a 'wiggle dance' when she's offered Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches." — Katie White

Naya and Baby with Pill Pouch

Courtesy of Melissa Victoria

"Naya, my 9-year-old Pit Bull, gives Milk-Bone® Pill Pouches two paws up! Her favorite tricks are sit and beg. And her best friend Baby likes to join in the pill-time fun, too." — Melissa Victoria