Whoa, Mama! 8 Astounding Dog Litters

We're celebrating some canine mamas who know a thing or two — or 20 — about giving birth. These eight doggy moms all had huge litters. We think they deserve a medal, or at least a really big dog treat.

Canine Mamas We're Honoring for Mother's Day

Springer Spaniel Litter


14 Springer Spaniels

Abbey, a Springer Spaniel, went through 15 hours of labor to deliver these 14 cuties born in January 2009. What a mom!

Dalmatian litter


18 Dalmatians

While not quite 101 Dalmatians, can you imagine walking 18 of these spotted puppies? Mama Button, where's your book deal?

Airedale Litter


11 Airedale Terriers

Seventeen-year-old Barney Pryor was just about to head off to school when he realized his Airedale Terrier, Gypsy, had started to give birth. Last time the family bred Gypsy, she had one puppy. This time, she gave birth to 11.

Pebbles and her litter of 8 puppies

Courtesy of Blue Cross

8 Border Collie Mixes

When Border Collie Mix Pebbles was taken into Blue Cross animal charity in July 2011, the staff discovered that the deaf and partially blind stray was expecting. Four weeks after being rescued, Pebbles gave birth to eight adorable, healthy puppies. The awesome pups were given awesome names. See if you can guess the theme: Dino, Bam Bam, Chip, Rubble, Fred, Wilma, Roxy and Betty.

Blue Mastiff  Litter


24 Neapolitan Mastiffs

In November 2004, a Neapolitan Mastiff named Tia shattered the world record for largest dog litter when she gave birth to 24 puppies. No, that's not a typo. Twenty-four puppies! For Tia's sake, a C-section was in order for such a large brood!

Irish Setter Litter


15 Irish Setters

Madyson the Irish Setter had some help raising her crew of 15 youngsters. Before the dog's owner even got a chance to clean the puppies, their other dog, Liliana the English Setter, started to lend a hand. How much would you love to have a live-in babysitter like Liliana?

German Shepherd Litter


14 German Shepherds

Is it really a vacation if you have to stay home and care for 14 puppies? Natasha Clarke, of Australia, spent her school holiday watching over this bundle of white German Shepherd puppies.

Neopolitan Mastiff Litter


17 Bulldog-Neapolitan Mastiff Mixes

Caring for 17 puppies is hard work. Fortunately, Neo the Neapolitan Mastiff looks like she's getting a well-deserved break! Someone better give this hardworking mama a serious Mother's Day present.


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